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Demons of the Monsterlands (The Monsterland Series)

Included within this collection are three books detailing the devilish demons of the Monsterlands Series. Serving the Succubus is the tale of a historian who accidentally summons a seductive succubus. Serving the Incubus introduces us to a stubborn waitress who finds herself flirting with some handsome strangers who offer a flirty cure for her temper, and within Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust, we meet Braena Wyvernwood, a cocky half-elven adventuress hoping to strike it rich raiding an evil temple until she runs afoul of its agonizingly sexy guardian. That's three sexy stories for the price of two!
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Serving the Incubus [mmf, demon, domination]

Although its way past her shift, down on her luck waitress Ellie has nevertheless stayed behind to serve the high-tipping, handsome strangers. She's been enthralled with them all evening, and when they finally take notice of the cute but headstrong girl, sparks are sure to fly. After her shift one of them proposes that they all become better acquainted and she readily agrees, but can't help but feel that there's something the handsome devils aren't telling her. Does Ellie trust her gut, or does she give into her depraved fantasies and enjoy the two gorgeous men all to herself?

This short story is roughly 7500 words in length and deals with the sexy but stubborn Ellie, and Jan and Ari, her two hunky demonic suitors who attempt to tame the unruly girl in order to bring her some sweaty peace and quiet.

Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.

Ellie felt her breath guttering in her chest as her pulse began to thunder. She had no idea why, but it might’ve had something to do with the fact that she’d never been this close or intimate with such a handsome man. Especially not one who had such a yearning, predatory gleam in his eye.

“I…I’m sorry, I didn’t…” she sputtered as she glanced away.

A warm, playful look stole across Jan’s rugged face. “No, you misunderstood me,” he grinned as he took her delicate hand in his. “We cannot force you to be happy, but we can give you what you need.”

She glanced over, somewhat confused and saw Ari nodding back to her.

“Wait, you…I just… what I need?”  Ellie asked as she leaned back into her seat defensively.

Jan’s powerful hand softly clasped hers. If she was being truthful, his flesh was exceptionally hot, like someone who’d just come from a sauna. She had no idea how he wasn’t wreathed in sweat. It had only been a few seconds, but the longer she held his hand, the more inappropriate her thoughts became. It made her eyes flutter slightly. If she had to spend the rest of the night holding his hand and wordlessly gazing into his eyes, it would’ve been one of the happier moments of the past decade.

“While we can’t force you to be happy,” he gently explained, “we can give you what you need so that you have a chance of happiness.”

“Just a chance, hmm?” she smirked, “whatever could you possibly think I need?” A sprinkling of incredulity washed over Ellie’s words. These boys were panty-droppingly cute, but she was no fool.

Jan observed her unblinkingly for a few moments as a devilish grin crossed his face. “You desire to be tamed. You’re a proud, unbroken girl with a fiery temper, but you desperately seek someone to tame you, to give you the heights of pleasure that you need. Someone worthy of sharing in your many gifts,” he explained, his eyes dancing along the toned thigh beneath her yoga pants.

Ellie stared speechless at the man who was barely inches from her face. His words offended and angered her but not half as much as they stoked the fires of her lust. She tried to speak but all of her words had left her. Although the thought of leaving and getting security had crossed her mind, she was far more aroused than she was worried.

“I don’t…how…?” she whispered as sputtered in embarrassment. She felt her pulse throbbing hotly in her temples.

Jan flashed the shaking girl a wicked grin. “Notice how she doesn’t deny it, how she doesn’t leave?”

Ellie wasn’t sure how but Jan’s merest presence was somehow oppressively filling the room like a hot, lustful smoke. She found her thoughts sweltering as her eyes locked with his, this beautiful man she dare not look away from. When she realized he’d lifted her hand and brought it to his mouth, her lower lip trembled with excitement.

When he kissed her palm, his lips were hot and tingly against her flesh. Jan slowly pulled her hand from his mouth and spoke. “Do you wish to be tamed, little girl?”

A perfect storm of anger and desire welled up inside of her. Although she became a little uncomfortable with how hungrily they were eyeing her, she found their seductive glares and their toned, strong bodies irresistible.


“Yes what?” he looked at her expectantly.

“Yes please,” she whimpered as she felt her face alight red, “I… want you to tame me.”

Jan grinned warmly and delicately brushed his fingertips along her cheek. “I warn you, for a magnificent creature as yourself, it might take the both of us to break you in.”

Upon hearing his words, her eyes fluttered in excitement as her chest heaved. She looked across the table and then back to Jan her mind a blizzard of emotions and desires. “I… kind of hope it does,” she spoke as her eyes squeezed shut with an intoxicating swirl of shame and desire...

Caught in the Temple of Forbidden Lust [demon, dubcon, magic]

Braena Wyvernwood, skilled sorceress and treasure-hunter extraordinaire is as cocky as she is beautiful. One evening while attempting to "liberate" the wealth of a temple dedicated to a dark cult of deviant pleasures, the arrogant girl stumbles upon something she hadn't counted on - the agonizingly beautiful demon guarding the temple! The excited adventuress attempts to magically compel the demon into leading her to the cult's treasure trove, but she soon finds out that the demon is only too happy to teach her a lesson in humility she'll never forget.

This short story is roughly 6600 words long and features the sexy scenes between a gorgeous half-elven adventurer who is forced to obey the deviant whims of an agonizingly sexy incubus as he teaches her an extra sexy lesson.

 Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.

“Enslaved by a… a mortal?” The red-skinned demon slouched over. Maybe returning to one of the hells to be tortured for eternity wasn’t so bad.

“Of course. But for the time being, I need to get out of here before more of your friends show up,” she spoke in a cautious whisper as she recalled where she was, “so first thing’s first, you must never harm, betray, or kill me. If my heart ever stops beating, you die. Do we agree?”

Bound as he was by his truename, there was little he could do. Kas angrily chipped part of the stone wall with his claws. “Yes, yes, fine! Agreed!”

“Good. That’s all. Now, please lead the way to where these idiots keep their treasure,” Breana smugly instructed him.

Kas narrowed his eyes and looked cautiously at her. “Wait a moment…”

“Excuse me?” the young adventuress glared at him.

“So, beyond harming or killing you, my contract was left surprisingly open,” Kas grinned as his impressive cock began to stiffen with lusty blood.

Braena took a step back before she realized how thick and hard his shaft was. “Well…I uh…oh shit…”

She’d only managed to get out the first syllable of his truename before he was on her, his hands gripping her tightly and pulling her slender form against his. His body was hot and all muscle, and his cock dug painfully into her waist in a way that made her flutter from its massive size.
For as clever and fast as she was, Kas was far stronger than she was. Besides, he knew full well that if she had the chance to get out even half of his truename, she’d command him to stop. He was an indoor cat now, and wanted to have a little fun before his freedom ended.

“I…no…” she struggled to speak, as his forked tongue filled her mouth soft and dangerous all at once.

“…don’t…” she felt her willpower crumbling as his pleasing, spiced musk filled her nostrils. His flesh was soft against her touch, and before long she was grinding her hips hard against his powerful thigh. When his tail began to entwine her ankle, she couldn’t help but giggle excitedly in anticipation of what was to come.

As she felt her belt unclasp, she smiled with excitement. When his clawed hands reached down and slashed the buttons of her wrapped tunic, she grinned. Although parts of her mind wanted to stop and leave, she simply couldn’t force her body, simmering and humming with excitement as it was, to walk away.

She had no idea exactly when it happened, but Braena glanced down and saw her clothing, leather pack, and silvered blade lying upon the dusty floor. The delicate girl could only frown in confusion, but her concern quickly evaporated with a few pleasing rakes of Kas’ delicate hands across her bare belly.

“My fair elven blooded sweet,” he cooed softly into her ear as he held her cheek with his hand.

“Yes, but I… you…” she stammered to speak, entirely overwhelmed.

“…we need to keep you from saying my truename, and I know just the thing,” he beamed a shining, fanged smile.

Her gaze, warm and hazy, looked back at him as she bit her lip. Braena didn’t know what he was talking about, but she didn’t care. He smelled like sex, and fucking, and power and she needed it bad. The elven blooded beauty was about to ask him to bend her over when his surprisingly powerful hand gripped her shoulder as Kas slowly brought her to kneel in front of him...

Friday, 2 May 2014

Girls of the Monsterlands

Included within this collection are all three books from the Monsterland Series. Serving the Succubus is the tale of a historian who accidentally summons a seductive succubus. In Red Number Five we find Jackson, a down on his luck journalist who brings home two sultry vampires after a night on the town, and within Stray, a troubled med student finds love and a little something else in the arms of a sensual feline shifter. That's three stories about sexy monster-girls for the price of two!

Available from Amazon.

MMF: Insatiable Women

Inside this sizzling collection you'll find the women who know what they want in life and act on their desire to have two hunky boys to play with. This collection has three stories for the price of two! This includes The Locker Room, a story about a sexy blonde cheerleader getting her revenge on her cheating boyfriend by visiting his friends after the game; A Little Trouble With The Law, where a baby-crazy housewife denied by her man soon realizes that her dreams of a family might come true in the arms of his hunky co-workers; In Lights, Camera, Cuckold! a young film student takes on the challenge of filming a steamy romance only to watch in horror as his actors, his gorgeous girlfriend, and his handsome best friend, act out a scene of their own right in front of him!

This collection involves sexually demanding women and the men who love them, mmf, breeding, creampies, interracial and pregnancy risk sex.

Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stray [cat girl, shifter, transformation]

Med student Eli Walker is at a loss when he discovers that nothing more can be done for his beloved stray Mocha. Coming home from work one afternoon he helps a mysterious old woman, who rewards his kindness with something that she claims will be able to help his ailing cat. Eli gets more than he bargains for, however, when his darling kitten transforms into a sensually seductive woman right in front of his eyes. Eager to repay his kindness in any way she can, the curious shifter girl decides to ask him to guide her through this strange new world as they explore her new body together.

This story is roughly 7000 words long and involves steamy sex scenes between a man and a shifter (were-cat) girl as they explore their new lives together.

Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, and Kobo.


Eli was at a loss for words, for where his beloved cat once lay was a svelte, exotic beauty, with dark, flowing locks. When she crawled toward him, her tantalizingly lean, yoga instructor-like form ably showcased her svelte feminine muscle. Eye to eye with the gorgeous, dark-skinned stranger, he stared deeply into her rich tawny eyes and saw that they were full of wonder and curiosity.

The dumbstruck man was about to say something when the heavenly stranger blinked a few times and then sneezed directly into his face.

“Mocha?” he asked again, somewhat surprised as she leapt forward knocking him over.

“Eee-lie?” she spoke in a curious accent, as if she’d heard people speaking English but had never actually tried it herself. She said his name a few more times as her nude form crawled over the stunned boy until she was finally contented to nuzzle his neck.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit!?!” Eli panted, his heart nearly beating out of his chest as he attempted to deal with the emotions and reality of his darling pet cat somehow turning into a smoking hot petite beauty.

She glanced up unexpectedly and gazed deeply into his eyes, before leaning in and licking his lips with her hot little tongue.

Eli pulled back with a start and she looked somewhat hurt, frowning as she played with her hair. “What is wrong Eee-lie?”

“I just, I mean, you,” he sputtered, “how did you… you’re like me?!”

She thought about it for a short while before nodding and stretching out contentedly beside him.

“I guess I am.”

“Mocha,” he hesitated at the absurdity of what he was about to ask, “…how did you become like me?”

She thought about it with an exaggerated pout. “I don’t know. It just happened.”

Before she could finish, another question erupted from his mouth. “Do you remember what it was like before you were like me? Are you in pain? How are you speaking with me? How…”

“You ask too many questions,” she growled cutely. “I’m hungry.”

Turning her head as if to hear some distant sound Mocha rose to her feet and sped toward the door. Remarkably agile, by the time Eli’s eyes caught up with her he could only watch as her perky little bottom bounced out the door.

“Time to eat! It’s time to eat…” she called back excitedly, not entirely unlike she used to back when she had four legs.

Strangely enough, Eli felt hunger too. He hadn’t been eating much lately but this was different. As he rose, he felt other sensations too, like curiosity and wonder.

When he heard something shatter expensively down the hall, followed by the girl’s panicked yelp, he felt a wash of fear too. Were they her thoughts? How was that even possible, he puzzled.

“What the fuck…is going on here…?” he muttered to himself as he made his way towards the cozy kitchen in his loft.

Moments later when he arrived in the wood-floored dining room connected to the kitchenette, he was practically ambushed by the girl. As hard as he tried to put it out of his mind, he couldn’t help but be drawn to her sleek, feminine form, and the gentle bob of her small chest and delicate coffee-coloured nipples.

Her collision somehow turned into a warm hug as she pressed her body against his and nuzzled against his neck.

“I’m so sorry Eli,” her English, although accented, was curiously better. “I broke the picture. I just wanted to see you!” She was practically sobbing.

He stroked her back reassuringly, causing her tight little buns to rise pleasingly and a torrent of inappropriate thoughts to cascade through his mind. Shaking them off, he focused on the splintered picture frame that lay on the floor. It was a picture of his family, and besides one massive crack, seemed okay.

“Don’t worry Mocha,” he spoke reassuringly, “it was just an accident. I’m more concerned that you weren’t hurt.”

“Eli is sooo good to me,” she grinned at him with her hypnotic eyes as she began to knead and rub at his arms with her hands.

The boy blushed deeply, never having been so close to such a perfect girl. Thankfully, her attentions turned elsewhere and before he could wink she scampered off to the kitchen.

Eli arrived in time to watch her standing on her tip-toes to reach the cans of cat-food in the top shelf. She glanced back and was all smiles now that she could finally manipulate the cupboard door and even grasp the cans herself.

“I can get it, see?” she beamed with pride as she fumbled with the small tin of food.

Eli chuckled warmly. “Oh, I can see that!”

He saw other things too, things that wracked him with guilt. Like the graceful, feminine curve of her arched back. Or the way that when she leaned forward, the angle of her carefully sculpted bottom revealed the slightest peek of her velvety little slit, flushed a delicate purple like some exotic orchid...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Red Number Five [ffm, taboo, romance, vampire]

Jackson Tremblay is your typical down-on-his luck twenty-something. Recently laid off and without a date in months, his friends drag him out to a club to cheer him up. Always a gentleman, he soon finds himself defending a gorgeously sexy school girl named Ally from some unwanted attention. The cute redhead soon introduces him to her friend, a demure dark-haired beauty named Marie and the three of them ditch the club to get a bite to eat - although perhaps not in the way that Jackson would've wanted. Just as his luck with women seems to be turning around he wonders if Ally is too good to be true and he can't help shake the feeling that the quiet Marie is hiding something from him. Has he bitten off more than he can chew with this gorgeous pair? Will he live to see the next sunrise? Only time will tell.

This short story is roughly 9000 words in length, and contains the steamy escapades of Jackson, a downtrodden but cute human boy, and Ally and Marie, the two vampires who take him home for a night he'll never forget. 

 Available from Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo.

The slender brunette, perhaps anticipating more snarky comments, began to protest but was cut silent by what Ally, her juvenile mistress said next.

“You may do whatever you wish with this cute, bookish fellow Marie.”

The graceful brunette’s eyes went wide as she observed Ally with stunned amazement. “…but you never let me….”

“I know,” Ally replied in an uncharacteristically wise tone, “but I have today. He’s all yours.”

As if some unseen shackle was lifted from her, Marie couldn’t help but smile. She tried to keep her composure as her eyes stabbed into Jackson with a deep, lustful hunger. When she took a step toward him, she couldn’t help but grin when he took a frightened step back.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she softly spoke as if approaching a wounded animal, her fangs bared. Try as she might, her voice trembled with excitement as her breath guttered in her chest.

“What are you doing?” Jackson asked as he bumped against his kitchen counter.

“It’s just been so long since I’ve…” Marie’s smoky voice wavered between nervous and aroused. “I just need…”

The kind-hearted Jackson was so conflicted. Marie was easily one of the most attractive, graceful, and well-spoken girls he’d ever met. But she was also a supernatural creature of the night cautiously stalking toward him with a slavering gleam in her eyes.

Unsure if these terrifying moments would be his last, Jackson allowed himself to gaze fondly at the trim curves of her svelte body. He might’ve whimpered at the unfairness of it all, but honestly couldn’t remember – things became a blur around the same time she pounced.

“Oh fuck…I…” was all he could yelp as he felt her hands, delicate and full of otherworldly power, effortlessly pin him against the counter. Fitting that he’d be eaten in a kitchen, he thought.

When he felt her breath tickle his shoulder he went numb. Around the same time that he recognized that her hands were trembling, he felt the slipperiness of her tongue as she dragged it along the tender sides of his neck.

“Marie? I…please don’t toy with me. Just get it over with,” he cringed.

“Oh no,” the dark-haired seductress bit her lip as she whispered to him, “tonight I’m taking my time and savouring every last second of this.” She ran her hands along his slender form, appreciating his chest with her fingertips.

Jackson was stunned and glanced up to look at Ally. The perky redhead was sitting on the opposite counter, watching with glee as she casually teased her fingertips along the pale flesh of her generous bust.

He was snapped back to reality, however, when he felt Marie’s soft hand steal past his belt and into his jeans. The confused boy was about to speak, but words failed him as he felt her icy grip squeeze his hard, aroused shaft. For a blood-starved vampire, she was unimaginably tender.

Marie buried her head against his neck and groaned with delight. “Fuck, you’re so hot and hard, and warm…” she smiled as she began to toy with Jackon’s aching cock. She placed kisses along Jackson’s jaw, and softly stroked his ever-hardening cock. When she saw his eyes flutter, she released her grip on him and gazed deeply into his sparkling, fearful eyes.

He relaxed somewhat when he realized that her insatiable hunger wasn’t just for blood, but something else entirely. “So, Marie…”

But she would have none of it, and hushed him with a finger as she quietly began placing soft kisses along his chest.

“I…” he attempted again, but still she shushed him as her mouth left a little kiss upon his belt buckle.

Jackson looked down in time to see Marie fumbling with his belt, before she simply wrenched the worn leather apart. He was speechless but there was something undeniably arousing about being at the mercy of such a powerful, insatiable girl.

Marie practically beamed with glee when she unfurled his cock, hard, and smooth from his boxers. It hung low under its own weight.

The slender vampire teased her fingertips along its sides before looking up at him with a lusty glaze burning in her eyes. Her smile would’ve been alluring had her fangs not been fully bared.