Sunday, 16 November 2014

Vampires of the Monsterlands

Within this sexy collection you'll find three stories of those lusty, blood-drinking beauties who go bump in the night. Inside you'll read about a shy loner named Jackson in Red Number Five. Between jobs and single, his luck finally seems to be turning around when not one, but two curiously eager cuties decide to take him home one night after a night on the town. Will this unsuspecting man have his hands full both of the curvy cuties? More importantly, will he live to regret it? In Vampire Week @ #theBondageClub we follow college girl Brandy who decides to get over her recent breakup by enrolling at the University of Toronto's bondage club. Even though the group only meets at night its kind and seductive leader asks her to come alone. What terrible (or terribly hot) fate awaits this heartbroken redhead? And finally, in Bitten by Lust, a battle weary adventurer barely escapes a deadly dungeon with her life. Taking refuge from a terrible blizzard in a cozy tavern, she finds more than good cheer in the arms of its supernaturally sexy Innkeeper. Will she be able to withstand the increasingly attractive woman's curious advances?

This collection is around 23,000 words and features stories of sexy vampires and their favourite food, namely us. The stories within feature an MFF threeway, an FMM threesome, a shy girl's first encounter with scorching bondage, dominance, and submission, and some first-time girl-girl action between an older woman and a younger girl.

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Friday, 14 November 2014

Vampire Week at #theBondageClub [mmf, domination, vampire]

Sadly heartbroken, the young and beautiful Brandy is determined to begin her third year of college with a fresh start. When she learns that her own University of Toronto has a bondage club, she excitedly signs up but is a little surprised by some of their rules, such as only meeting after dark. After a week of steamy chats with their hunky, yet mysterious student coordinator Andrew, she trusts him enough to meet up and even agrees to come alone. But when she arrives there's a dark stranger that she hadn't counted on meeting and after being tied down, the boys reveal a terrifying secret about themselves. Nearly as frightened as she is aroused, will Brandy trust her kind master more than the hot, fearful blood beating in her heart? More importantly, will she ever make it out of this bondage den in one piece?

This story is 6500 words long and features consensual bondage and dominance between three participants. Inside you'll find a searingly hot vampire MMF threeway, blood drinking, spanking, bondage, dominance, fear play, submission, a shy girl being tied down with restraints and the budding romance between a master and his submissive.


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Brandy nodded frantically, her hips practically dancing in an attempt to get away from the sting of the ruler. The next thing she felt, however, was the soothing touch of her new master’s chill hand upon her sweltering backside. It was calming and cool as he stroked her reassuringly. She didn’t dare peek around to see him, but his voice was kind and soft as he spoke. 

“Good girl Brandy,” he cooed in her ear, “you’ve done so well.”

A warm, contented feeling filled her body and danced upon her aching skin. His words were so good to hear, but she couldn’t help but smile as she hatched the next part of her plan.

“B-but you’re wrong,” she nervously spoke, her lungs heaving for air, “I’ve been such a bad girl…”

Surprised by this turn of events, Andrew played along with the novice girl. “Oh? Are you certain?”

“Y-yes, I am,” she turned and met his gaze, her eyes fiery and lustful. “I’ve been playing with the clothespins…on my own…”

Andrew smiled. Through their previous conversations, he said that he’d let her decide what she was comfortable trying while he got used to what she could handle.

“I see. Those are for extra bad girls.”

“I know.” She closed her eyes and vigorously nodded her head, her pulse thundering in her veins.

With soft, caring hands, Andrew played with the clasps of her bright pink bra just long enough for it to fall softly to the floor. The cool air of the room rushed to kiss and tease at her milky exposed bust, causing her nipples to stand up even more than they were. When Andrew clamped the first clothespin upon her nipple, a slight sear of pain flickered along her, radiating outward. The second was dulled only by the growing ache of the first. When she’d tried this earlier in the week it hurt far worse than it did with Andrew – he’d probably loosened them somewhat.

She heard a distant clatter of soft metal and soon realized that Thomas was standing beside the low bench-like table where Andrew was punishing her. His face was a blank of emotion, and she could only watch half in horror and fascination as he cinched her wrists to either edge of the wooden table with expert speed.

He looked like he was going to smile, but the only thing that he did was flash her a toothy grin. From this angle, it almost looked like his predatory smile had fangs.

Like it or not, she wasn’t going anywhere. She figured that it was a test as he kept looking at her, but the rebellious girl would never give him the satisfaction of hearing her say the safeword. Brandy hung her head low and rode through the sweltering pain and focused upon the snug coolness of the leather around her wrists.

“So,” Thomas smugly turned to Andrew, “do we reveal our little surprise now or later? She’s definitely not going anywhere.”

A slight pang of fear began to creep along her flesh. She’d admitted to Andrew that she was quite interested in fear play, but even this was a little extreme.

“W-what are you…?” she attempted to ask before being cut off by the sneering Thomas.

“I’m asking your prince charming if we should bite you now or later.”

“Oh…okay. Honestly, I-I-I don’t really like that sort of thing,” she stammered a reply.

Thomas slowly leaned down to look at her square in the eye, his words as subtle as a venomous blade.
“Well then, that’s just too bad isn’t it?” as he smiled, he revealed terrible fanged grin that no human would ever be capable of. His sharp incisors looked fake, but even if they were, this was quickly going well beyond what they’d discussed.

The poor girl began to panic. Brandy tried to shriek in fear, but Thomas’ hand was clamped over her mouth faster than she could even blink. 

Numb with fear, she couldn’t even hear what he was saying but she soon realized that those teeth moved too organically, too well, and definitely weren’t plastic. Her mind faltered at the possibilities as she was slicked in a fearful, icy sweat. The room suddenly seemed much colder and darker than it was before...

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

My Night With Wolves [mff, domination, shifter]

Hot and hungry for more, Kendra decides to answer an online personal left by a sexy young couple who are looking for "a third" for an evening of play. Having always been curious about bondage, she agrees to meet with the hot and hunky Jeremy, and his gorgeous brunette wife Sadie. But just as their spicy little weekend of bondage and discipline starts, something goes very, very wrong, and Kendra discovers their unbelievable secret.

This story is roughly 6500 words long and features bondage and dominance between willing participants, a hot submissive girl being chased by two werewolves, restraints, face-sitting, a scandalously sexy MFF threesome, spanking, and two sexy shape-shifting suburban werewolves on the prowl for a third.

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Feeling their eyes upon her Kendra slowly tugged the last of her clothing off her body and piled it neatly upon the couch. Her breath leaping nervously in her chest, her cheeks were flushed hot and red as her hands covered her freshly-shaven slit. Kendra couldn’t even meet their gaze, but knew that the two wild and wonderful beauties stood before her and drank her in fully.

Jeremy walked over to the doorway and dimmed the lights somewhat, perhaps for mood, while Sadie approached the nervous blonde. “So, here we are,” she spoke in a reassuring tone. “Are you ready for what we discussed?”

“I-I-I think so,” the blonde nervously replied, stealing little glimpses of the wonderfully toned feminine body before her.

“So, Jer and I had a nice long chat, and we really dug your whole ‘cat-and-mouse’ idea.”

The submissive blonde had to stifle a giggle as she bounced excitedly on her toes. “Y-you mean it? I-I think I’d like that…” Truth be told, it was one of Kendra’s secret fantasies for as long as she had been aware of her sexuality: being chased by one or more beautiful, amorous strangers, who once they caught her, could have their way with her. The problem was of course, safety, but she felt just fine with these beautiful new friends.
“Yeah,” Sadie smiled in the pale blue moonlight that shone through the window, “our thought was that if we catch you, you have to do anything we say.” The brunette punctuated her words by dragging her fingers softly along the quivering girl’s shoulder.

Kendra nodded a few times, silent but shaking in anticipation.

Anything,” Jeremy practically growled at her from beside his girlfriend, in a tone that caused the blonde’s heart to skip a beat.

Again she nodded as she felt her lips plumping slippery wet in anticipation of the night that lay before her.
Sadie took her by the shoulders and leaned in close, their bare breasts touching softly in a forbidden, electric tingle. “I want you to remember that no matter what happens, or what we do or say, we hear the safeword and everything stops. Safety first, got it?”

Kenda nodded a third and hopefully final time. She was shaking with excitement over the thought of being chased by this attractive pair.

When the massive Jeremy leaned in, she could practically feel a raw, feral heat radiating from his well-muscled body. His stubble brushed her ear in a way that made her eyes flutter with possibilities.

“Run,” he whispered playfully.

Kendra’s nose wrinkled a little. She pulled back to ask the pair whatever happened to the thirty second head start that they’d discussed, but the beautiful couple seemed different somehow. At first she thought it was an odd trick of the light, but by the time she realized that their eyes were taking on a feral, yellow tinge in a most unsettling manner, she shook her head out of confusion. She stumbled back somewhat and was about to accuse them of drugging her, when she saw something that caused her to quake violently in raw disbelief.

When Jeremy smiled at Kendra, she saw that his teeth, if they even could be explained as such anymore, were sharp, long and yellowed. His jet black mane seemed to be extending down his back and along his shoulders just as he assumed a loping, hunched posture. When she glanced over to Sadie, she saw that her sweet smile was replaced with a sharp-toothed sneer, as a dark covering of hair seemed to spread along her toned, athletic form...

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lust in the Blood [ffm, fantasy, milf, vampire]

In this prequel to Bitten By Lust we follow the unlife of the sensual vampire Jaina, back when she had just been turned. In a dank cellar below the sleepy town of Briargust, a plucky tomboyish wizard Sonja and her comrade-in-arms a massively muscled warrior named Redaan are forced to confront their worst fears: the foul vampire known only as the Unclean Prince has turned their best friend, the sweet and pious Jaina. Matters are only made worse as she can practically hear the hot, lustful blood throbbing in her friend's bodies as the three of them crowd into a cozy room back at the Inn. Will this newly-sired vampire be able to resist the siren's song of her dear friends' young and tempting bodies? More importantly, will she and they give into the steamy tensions that have been rising unbearably ever since the three of them decided that they'd need to figure out a way to distract her from an insatiable hunger?

This dark fantasy romance is roughly 8200 words long and features erotic romance, a newly sired vampire with a soul, sexual magic, older and younger sex, and a sweltering no-limits FFM threesome between best friends.

Available from Amazon.

Jaina took his hand and led him over to the wide, lonely bed that she’d called a home for the better part of the past few weeks. Carefully sitting down upon the plush mattress, she patted for him to follow, her hands shaking from nerves and excitement.

The muscled hunk had other plans for her first time. Summoning up all of the bravery that he, a warrior who had faced down demons, devils, vampires, and dragons could muster, he reached out and softly caressed her pale cheek.

Her eyes fluttered happily as her ruby lips parted in a gasp. His touch was warm, sensitive and vibrant as it sent shivers of desire along every square inch of her body.

“You’d best be careful, warrior – you don’t know the fire that you’re starting…” she swooned playfully as he caressed his rough, powerful hand along her delicate bare shoulder.

“I’ve got a good enough idea,” he mused as he pulled her into a powerful embrace, their mouths meeting in a sugary sweet kiss. It probably wasn’t her first kiss, he thought, as her lips met his with expert deftness.
It was, however, his first kiss with a vampire. The more he thought about the danger she posed, and how powerful her eager hands were along his body, the more aroused he became.

But it was nothing compared to her desire to make up for nearly four decades of intentional neglect. These new experience of her body were overwhelming. She nuzzled his stubbly cheek and could smell his sweat, fearful and lustful, and the faint trace of oil he’d used to sharpen his blades hours earlier. Best of all was his masculine musk, hot, heady and arrogant, that made her feel slippery wet between the thighs. Her supernaturally empowered senses could practically taste his arousal and could feel his lustful blood throbbing painfully warm in his veins and flooding into his rock-hard cock in anticipation. Although he’d never fully be able to comprehend what he was doing to her senses, she rewarded him by pawing and teasing at his clothing. Or at least what remained of it: as he’d effortlessly shed his tunic right around the same time that she pulled him down to the bed.

On top of her, his bare arms were like chiseled tree-trunks, solid and thick upon either side of her head. His cute and innocent stubbly face looked down at her and she saw a new appreciation in his eyes, as her best friend was also becoming her careful guide and generous lover. They kissed and rolled and tasted one another as they tumbled upon the bed.

She felt assured by his strength and his desire, it made her feel so feminine, and so normal after all that she’d been through. She placed sticky little kisses along his arms, watching carefully for his reaction. The feeling of his pulse against her bare lips was overwhelming.

“You taste so fucking good…” she hissed through an aroused, fanged smile.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Bisexual Bliss: Three Sexy Stories About Bi-Curious Beauties

This sexy collection is about those generous lovers who want to have their cake and eat it too. These are three stories about those wonderful individuals who accept any lover regardless of gender, those beautiful bisexuals - even if they don't know it yet! Inside you'll read Roxie's Dirty Diary, the secret journals of an uptight office gal who finds herself falling for her very own Christian Grey. Even though she's never been into girls, she trusts her handsome paramour more than she trusts herself! In Never Summon A Succubus a wizard's apprentice is sneaking around his tower in hopes of finding the secret magics that he's hidden from her but accidentally releases a sinfully sexy succubus. Will she be able to get the demoness returned before her master gets home? More importantly, although the apprentice has never been into girls (or demons for that matter) she realizes that this is a new and alluring opportunity to test the waters with a new friend. Finally, you'll read The Dinner Guest, where an overworked professional couple plan a relaxing and sexy weekend with their gorgeous co-worker. However, when the drinks flow and push comes to shove, the beautiful exotic beauty has a big secret that she's been hiding that they're only too happy to discover! That's three of my sexy stories for the price of two!
This collection is roughly 22,000 words long and features stories about bondage, dominance, femdom, bicuriosity and encouraged bisexuality, a sexy succubus, and a gorgeous t-girl threeway surprise.

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Friday, 31 October 2014

Girls of the Monsterlands II

In this collection, the second set of my Girls of the Monsterlands series, you'll find three more sexy stories of bad girls who go bump in the night. Inside you'll get Lust in the Blood the story of a young priestess who is rescued from the clutches of an evil vampire prince only for her friends to discover that he'd already turned her into a bride of darkness. She manages to keep both her faith and her soul, and awakened in her instead are other lustful desires that her increasingly attractive friends must tend to. Within Never Summon A Succubus a curious young apprentice wizard is busy exploring her master's tower while he is away and discovers his secret magical laboratory, only to find herself in a very sexy situation. Although she's never been into girls (or demons for that matter), how will the young wizard escape the clutches of this increasingly seductive problem? Finally, in Bitten By Lust a wounded mercenary is the lone survivor of a band of heroes exploring a terrible dungeon, and takes refuge in a sleepy mountain Inn just as a blizzard descends upon the valley. Her Innkeep, however, is a graceful mature woman who is more than happy to tend the girl's wounds and care for her, amongst other things. Can the young adventurer trust herself around this oddly graceful and attractive stranger? And more importantly, what will she make of the very big secret that this gorgeous older woman hides? That's three sexy stories for the price of two!

This monstrously hot collection is roughly 22,000 words long and features vampires, hot nubile adventurers and hard-bodied hunks, a seductive succubus, FFM threeways, older-younger lesbian lust, femdom, and erotic fantasy.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Erotic Fantasy II: Three More Tales of Swords, Sorcery, and Seduction

In this, the second part of my Erotic Fantasy series, you'll get three more stories of sexy heroines and musclebound warriors! Inside you'll find Cursed! To be a Woman, the tale of two brave heroes who have to figure out how to lift a surprisingly sexy curse from their friend before everyone does something they might all regret! Within Never Summon A Succubus a curious young apprentice wizard prowls her mentor's keep in search of the magic he's been hiding from her only to accidentally release a powerful and surprisingly seductive demon. How will she return the fiend to its cage before her master returns? And more importantly, will she want to? Finally, in Lust In The Blood two heroes are unfortunately too late to rescue their devout friend from the clutches of an evil vampire prince. After slaying him, however, they discover that she appears to have kept her soul, and although she doesn't seem to desire their blood, her unusual transformation seems to have awoken other hungers in her. As usual, this is three of my sexy stories for the price of two!

This collection is roughly 22,000 words long and includes scenes of heroic warriors, beautiful wizards, sensual vampires, seductive demons, girl-girl femdom, transformation magic, an MFM threeway, and a first-time FFM threesome in order to help a vampire remember her humanity.

Available from Amazon.