Thursday, 10 April 2014

Stray [cat girl, shifter, transformation]

Med student Eli Walker is at a loss when he discovers that nothing more can be done for his beloved stray Mocha. Coming home from work one afternoon he helps a mysterious old woman, who rewards his kindness with something that she claims will be able to help his ailing cat. Eli gets more than he bargains for, however, when his darling kitten transforms into a sensually seductive woman right in front of his eyes. Eager to repay his kindness in any way she can, the curious shifter girl decides to ask him to guide her through this strange new world as they explore her new body together.

This story is roughly 7000 words long and involves steamy sex scenes between a man and a shifter (were-cat) girl as they explore their new lives together.

Available from Amazon.


Eli was at a loss for words, for where his beloved cat once lay was a svelte, exotic beauty, with dark, flowing locks. When she crawled toward him, her tantalizingly lean, yoga instructor-like form ably showcased her svelte feminine muscle. Eye to eye with the gorgeous, dark-skinned stranger, he stared deeply into her rich tawny eyes and saw that they were full of wonder and curiosity.

The dumbstruck man was about to say something when the heavenly stranger blinked a few times and then sneezed directly into his face.

“Mocha?” he asked again, somewhat surprised as she leapt forward knocking him over.

“Eee-lie?” she spoke in a curious accent, as if she’d heard people speaking English but had never actually tried it herself. She said his name a few more times as her nude form crawled over the stunned boy until she was finally contented to nuzzle his neck.

“Holy. Fucking. Shit!?!” Eli panted, his heart nearly beating out of his chest as he attempted to deal with the emotions and reality of his darling pet cat somehow turning into a smoking hot petite beauty.

She glanced up unexpectedly and gazed deeply into his eyes, before leaning in and licking his lips with her hot little tongue.

Eli pulled back with a start and she looked somewhat hurt, frowning as she played with her hair. “What is wrong Eee-lie?”

“I just, I mean, you,” he sputtered, “how did you… you’re like me?!”

She thought about it for a short while before nodding and stretching out contentedly beside him.

“I guess I am.”

“Mocha,” he hesitated at the absurdity of what he was about to ask, “…how did you become like me?”

She thought about it with an exaggerated pout. “I don’t know. It just happened.”

Before she could finish, another question erupted from his mouth. “Do you remember what it was like before you were like me? Are you in pain? How are you speaking with me? How…”

“You ask too many questions,” she growled cutely. “I’m hungry.”

Turning her head as if to hear some distant sound Mocha rose to her feet and sped toward the door. Remarkably agile, by the time Eli’s eyes caught up with her he could only watch as her perky little bottom bounced out the door.

“Time to eat! It’s time to eat…” she called back excitedly, not entirely unlike she used to back when she had four legs.

Strangely enough, Eli felt hunger too. He hadn’t been eating much lately but this was different. As he rose, he felt other sensations too, like curiosity and wonder.

When he heard something shatter expensively down the hall, followed by the girl’s panicked yelp, he felt a wash of fear too. Were they her thoughts? How was that even possible, he puzzled.

“What the fuck…is going on here…?” he muttered to himself as he made his way towards the cozy kitchen in his loft.

Moments later when he arrived in the wood-floored dining room connected to the kitchenette, he was practically ambushed by the girl. As hard as he tried to put it out of his mind, he couldn’t help but be drawn to her sleek, feminine form, and the gentle bob of her small chest and delicate coffee-coloured nipples.

Her collision somehow turned into a warm hug as she pressed her body against his and nuzzled against his neck.

“I’m so sorry Eli,” her English, although accented, was curiously better. “I broke the picture. I just wanted to see you!” She was practically sobbing.

He stroked her back reassuringly, causing her tight little buns to rise pleasingly and a torrent of inappropriate thoughts to cascade through his mind. Shaking them off, he focused on the splintered picture frame that lay on the floor. It was a picture of his family, and besides one massive crack, seemed okay.

“Don’t worry Mocha,” he spoke reassuringly, “it was just an accident. I’m more concerned that you weren’t hurt.”

“Eli is sooo good to me,” she grinned at him with her hypnotic eyes as she began to knead and rub at his arms with her hands.

The boy blushed deeply, never having been so close to such a perfect girl. Thankfully, her attentions turned elsewhere and before he could wink she scampered off to the kitchen.

Eli arrived in time to watch her standing on her tip-toes to reach the cans of cat-food in the top shelf. She glanced back and was all smiles now that she could finally manipulate the cupboard door and even grasp the cans herself.

“I can get it, see?” she beamed with pride as she fumbled with the small tin of food.

Eli chuckled warmly. “Oh, I can see that!”

He saw other things too, things that wracked him with guilt. Like the graceful, feminine curve of her arched back. Or the way that when she leaned forward, the angle of her carefully sculpted bottom revealed the slightest peek of her velvety little slit, flushed a delicate purple like some exotic orchid...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Red Number Five [ffm, taboo, romance, vampire]

Jackson Tremblay is your typical down-on-his luck twenty-something. Recently laid off and without a date in months, his friends drag him out to a club to cheer him up. Always a gentleman, he soon finds himself defending a gorgeously sexy school girl named Ally from some unwanted attention. The cute redhead soon introduces him to her friend, a demure dark-haired beauty named Marie and the three of them ditch the club to get a bite to eat - although perhaps not in the way that Jackson would've wanted. Just as his luck with women seems to be turning around he wonders if Ally is too good to be true and he can't help shake the feeling that the quiet Marie is hiding something from him. Has he bitten off more than he can chew with this gorgeous pair? Will he live to see the next sunrise? Only time will tell.

This short story is roughly 9000 words in length, and contains the steamy escapades of Jackson, a downtrodden but cute human boy, and Ally and Marie, the two vampires who take him home for a night he'll never forget.

 Available from Amazon.

The slender brunette, perhaps anticipating more snarky comments, began to protest but was cut silent by what Ally, her juvenile mistress said next.

“You may do whatever you wish with this cute, bookish fellow Marie.”

The graceful brunette’s eyes went wide as she observed Ally with stunned amazement. “…but you never let me….”

“I know,” Ally replied in an uncharacteristically wise tone, “but I have today. He’s all yours.”

As if some unseen shackle was lifted from her, Marie couldn’t help but smile. She tried to keep her composure as her eyes stabbed into Jackson with a deep, lustful hunger. When she took a step toward him, she couldn’t help but grin when he took a frightened step back.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she softly spoke as if approaching a wounded animal, her fangs bared. Try as she might, her voice trembled with excitement as her breath guttered in her chest.

“What are you doing?” Jackson asked as he bumped against his kitchen counter.

“It’s just been so long since I’ve…” Marie’s smoky voice wavered between nervous and aroused. “I just need…”

The kind-hearted Jackson was so conflicted. Marie was easily one of the most attractive, graceful, and well-spoken girls he’d ever met. But she was also a supernatural creature of the night cautiously stalking toward him with a slavering gleam in her eyes.

Unsure if these terrifying moments would be his last, Jackson allowed himself to gaze fondly at the trim curves of her svelte body. He might’ve whimpered at the unfairness of it all, but honestly couldn’t remember – things became a blur around the same time she pounced.

“Oh fuck…I…” was all he could yelp as he felt her hands, delicate and full of otherworldly power, effortlessly pin him against the counter. Fitting that he’d be eaten in a kitchen, he thought.

When he felt her breath tickle his shoulder he went numb. Around the same time that he recognized that her hands were trembling, he felt the slipperiness of her tongue as she dragged it along the tender sides of his neck.

“Marie? I…please don’t toy with me. Just get it over with,” he cringed.

“Oh no,” the dark-haired seductress bit her lip as she whispered to him, “tonight I’m taking my time and savouring every last second of this.” She ran her hands along his slender form, appreciating his chest with her fingertips.

Jackson was stunned and glanced up to look at Ally. The perky redhead was sitting on the opposite counter, watching with glee as she casually teased her fingertips along the pale flesh of her generous bust.

He was snapped back to reality, however, when he felt Marie’s soft hand steal past his belt and into his jeans. The confused boy was about to speak, but words failed him as he felt her icy grip squeeze his hard, aroused shaft. For a blood-starved vampire, she was unimaginably tender.

Marie buried her head against his neck and groaned with delight. “Fuck, you’re so hot and hard, and warm…” she smiled as she began to toy with Jackon’s aching cock. She placed kisses along Jackson’s jaw, and softly stroked his ever-hardening cock. When she saw his eyes flutter, she released her grip on him and gazed deeply into his sparkling, fearful eyes.

He relaxed somewhat when he realized that her insatiable hunger wasn’t just for blood, but something else entirely. “So, Marie…”

But she would have none of it, and hushed him with a finger as she quietly began placing soft kisses along his chest.

“I…” he attempted again, but still she shushed him as her mouth left a little kiss upon his belt buckle.

Jackson looked down in time to see Marie fumbling with his belt, before she simply wrenched the worn leather apart. He was speechless but there was something undeniably arousing about being at the mercy of such a powerful, insatiable girl.

Marie practically beamed with glee when she unfurled his cock, hard, and smooth from his boxers. It hung low under its own weight.

The slender vampire teased her fingertips along its sides before looking up at him with a lusty glaze burning in her eyes. Her smile would’ve been alluring had her fangs not been fully bared.

Monday, 10 March 2014

Review: The Succubus’ Sub

Inside John Dylena’s latest effort, The Succubus’ Sub, we’re brought deep into a world rich with magic, mystery, and sensual seduction. Dylena’s effort focuses on mundane Brett, and the sultry Myserra, a succubus that appears to him one gloomy afternoon with an offer that he can’t (and won’t) refuse. Brett’s boring life is literally turned upside-down when his new supernatural Mistress marks him as hers, in exchange for granting him access to the untold delights of her forbidden flesh.

But rather than becoming a simple slave to her powerful seductive magic, she desires something more: Myserra ultimately quests for a mortal who serves her not out of fear or compulsion, but adoration. Brett learns about himself and his long-neglected sexuality at the simmering demoness’ side and the fiery relationship that blossoms between them is pure magic. He finds himself the recipient of a crash course in the extremes of sexuality from his new mistress when she collars him with a mystical mark in a scene that delightfully teases at the borders of this wonderfully written world.

Over the course of six chapters, Brett finds himself wearing frilly, refined lingerie (and more) as he’s willingly led down ever more exotic corridors of his own pleasure as her full-time submissive. I must congratulate Dylena for subtly crafting a beautiful world that lives and breathes on its own, especially when we realize that there are *other* demons conspiring with playthings of their own.

For those used to paranormal romance and erotica, or just curious about some spells alongside their sex, look no further than Mr. Dylena’s work. A delightfully seductive story with an extra helping of naughtiness, The Succubus' Sub is sure to scratch an itch that you never knew you had.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Hot Nights in Wintermarch [fff, first-time, lesbian, magic]

Victorious and loaded with treasure, our heroes race back to their favourite watering hole in the sleepy mountain village of Wintermarch. Unfortunately, Tabralea the curseblade can't get a recent brush with death off of her mind. As luck would have it, her caring companions Aeri the elven warlock and Cordie the dark elven priestess are more than ready to soothe their human friend's aching soul with the aid of some seductively arousing spells.

This story is approximately 10,000 words long and features three beautiful heroes who are used to exploring Dungeons and slaying Dragons, two sexy elves who attempt to show their human friend the meaning of 'elven friendship,' some sexy magic, an ultra hot bath scene, and a nervous human warrior's first (but definitely not last) girl-girl-girl experience.

Available from Amazon, Google Play, and Smashwords.

Tabbie’s knuckles dug into her thighs as passionate thoughts danced in her head. She closed her eyes tightly, yet all she could think about was seeing Aeri’s slender, naked body stalk carefully across the dark room. Although she’d seen her companion in a similar state dozens of times, this was the first time that the human girl failed to avert her gaze.

Instead, Tabbie drank deeply of the vision before her. She marvelled at the gentle bob of the elf’s small chest and the delicate strawberry kisses of her nipples. She stole a glimpse of the girl's taut belly, slender waist and soft curve of her silky thighs. She couldn’t help but marvel that barring the lengthy coppery waves upon her head, like all elves, Aeri’s body was naturally hairless. She leered like a drunken sailor when the delicate elf exposed the curve of her backside as she entered the tub.

When Aeri gasped as her bare bottom touched the tub, Tabbie bit her lip and realized that she’d been running her hands along her thighs. Unsure of how much more she could take, Tabbie rose on unsteady feet.

“I’m heading downstairs,” she blurted out into the quiet of the room. “...this fire’s too damned hot,” she waved her hand at the cozy embers, “so I’m gone.”

“That’s a shame,” the elf lazily replied from the tub. “Come and say goodbye first?”

Tabbie was speechless as lustful blood thundered in her head. She found herself standing beside the tub, enthralled. Her hands, veteran of dozens of battles trembled like an untested farmhand, her steely tactician’s mind was a blank swirl of panic and desire. When she saw the svelte porcelain body entirely visible through the soapy water, she felt her mouth become dry.

“Leaving so soon?” the elf pouted as she traced her fingers along her arms.


The deafening silence was broken only by the soft babbling of the warm water.

“That’s a shame. This water is really nice,” Aeri spoke as she cradled her arms.

“Looks like it,” replied the human as she knelt beside the tub.

The water sloshed unevenly as the elf leaned against the side of the tub, as she pulled her damp hair away from her neck.

“I think I missed a spot.”

“I think you did too,” the girl replied as she fished the wispy cloth from the water. Her eyes stole fleet glimpses of her wet, slippery friend. The soap smelled like a well-tended rose garden, but neither of them took the slightest shred of notice. Tabbie bit her lip slightly and surrendered wholly to the chorus of aroused blood screaming in her veins.

Without a word, she held the soapy cloth in her trembling hand and began to make small foamy circles upon the elf’s shoulder.

“Oooh,” the elf exhaled long and slow, “that feels really good.” Aeri was overjoyed to finally feel Tabbie’s touch; elven friendship and sexuality were complicated things that often overlapped, and largely confused those races that that barely lived a century. The quivering elf also took a secret joy in the fact that there simply was no mistaking Tabbie's powerful human hand as anything even remotely elven.

Tabbie had never touched anything so soft, warm, or inviting. When their skin touched, she felt an electric surge of desire through her fingertips. When she teased her soapy hand along the soft, creamy shoulder and all the way down her friend’s delicate arms, Tabbie realized how jagged her own breathing had become.

“There’s more to me than arms,” the warlock playfully suggested. Aeri leaned back against the rim of the tub and arched her back in a way that showcased her petite body.

Tabbie closed her eyes hard and basked in the forbidden sensations. Letting the cloth fall back into the warm water, her bare hands massaged the elf’s delicate shoulder and neck. They eventually slid wetly across her chest, until she felt the hard buds of Aeri’s nipples against her trembling palms.

A kittenish purr of pleasure escaped the slight elf, followed by a promisingly seductive gasp.

Before she could think, the curseblade found herself teasing at the soft breasts and pinching playfully at the nipples, as she often did when she was alone.

Aeri groaned pleasingly at the raw aggression and power as she gripped the brass edges of the tub. She squeezed her thighs tightly in the water – tonight her lover was passionate, strong and perhaps most tantalizing of all, a human.

The elf whispered something so soft that Tabbie had to lean in to hear. When she did, she was greeted with a soft kiss placed sweetly upon her cheek. And then another feather-soft peck upon her jaw. Tabbie’s eyes fluttered as her hands began to play across the elf's graceful body...

Cherrybomb: Love and Lust in the 27th Century [bondage, robot, tentacle]

Famed intergalactic bounty hunter Pondicherry Piety wakes up from stasis on her badly damaged gunship, the sole survivor of a vicious run-in with space pirates. Barely escaping with her life she is consoled by Max, her craft's artificial intelligence, but soon realizes that she could be facing a year-long return to the Luna star colonies. Max, however, has secretly discovered her deepest sexual fantasies and decides to keep Cherry company on their long and lonely trip home...

This story is roughly 8800 words long and features sex and lust between a man and a woman, heavy bondage, robotic tentacles, and the fulfillment of secret fantasies about super hot high school teachers.

Available from Amazon, Google Play, Smashwords.

“So, as I was saying,” Maximum’s gravelly voice filled the room, “been out here long, kid?”

The toned brunette bit her lip. She was tough as nails and had an iron will when she needed to, but her resistance completely melted upon hearing him. She felt seventeen again, fumbling for words while speaking to her would-be paramour.

“I… kinda, um, yeah…”

“You’ve been at this a while Cherry,” he spoke softly, “let me help.”

The contour of her bed shifted slightly as the plastic beneath her molded exactly as if it were a pair of strong, masculine hands caressing her shoulders. It had been far too long since she felt another’s touch appreciating her body, or let someone get this close to her. She threw her head back and allowed her mind to drift through a soothing current of bliss.

Cherry moaned softly in approval, but when the shifting material of the bed began to tease what felt like soft fingertips across her neck and shoulders she gasped suddenly. When she felt nails being raked across her back she inhaled sharply with delight.

Still, something bothered her.

“So Max, I never did anything this fun with Maximum – how did you know about these little fantasies of mine?” Cherry asked without opening her eyes.

You’re just going to get upset if I told you so we’re not going to get into that. Suffice to say, I see and hear a lot of things.

“Right…” Cherry wrinkled her nose.

Shall we continue? He punctuated his question by leaving a satisfying bite upon her shoulder.

Her rapidly warming flesh and beating heart encouraged her mind to ignore Max and continue basking in this wonderful place.

A beautiful mouth carefully bit her again, allowing its teeth to linger just long enough to savour her flesh.

“God,” she shivered, “you’re sooo good at that.”

“I know,” Maximum replied in a thigh-melting tone.

Before she could say another word, Cherry felt arms around her waist. They were thick and warm and felt damned good after so many months alone. She leaned back and felt his powerful chest behind her and the soft beat of his heart. Her eyes fluttered and she cursed herself for not begging Max to simulate this earlier.

“You smell so fucking good Cherry,” Maximum growled into her ear as he placed warm kisses along her neck.

It was around this time that she realized she was grinding her hips roughly against the bed in anticipation. It was all she could do but press back against him and feel the hard bulge in his pants. Powerful hands scratched along her waist, appreciating its curve, stopping only to caress her ass softly.

Cherry tried to speak, but couldn’t. She had to convince herself that none of this was real. It was all just a clever simulation of nanofabric, bio-plastics and ridiculously illegal MediFiles carefully encouraged to fulfill her wildest fantasies.

The more she fought the magic unfolding around her, however, the more she thought about Maximum’s warm, playful smile, his steely grey eyes, and the way he would grin as he desperately tried to ignore her shameless flirting.

And those arms! Strong and warm, they wrapped around her exactly as she had always fantasized. When she felt his breath tease against her soft skin and his tell-tale stubble prickling along her neck, Cherry realized that she was softly whispering his name, something that only encouraged him to explore further.

Her cheeks flushed rosy red as her hands roamed her belly, creeping ever downward. She squeezed her eyes tightly, the way she usually did when she wanted to enjoy herself; it made little sense, but she didn’t want Max to see her, so he politely ignored her until she was finished.

Her smile beamed through the dark as she spread her thighs ever so slightly. She was greeted by the cool recycled air lapping at her slippery hot skin...

Lights, Camera, Cuckold! [mmf, cuckold, interracial, hotwife]

Young and ambitious, Tyler is a third year film student out to impress the world. For his final film of the year, he's cast his gorgeous blonde girlfriend Alex and his best friend Lamont in what could be their most challenging roles yet - an actual sex scene. Although she's agreed to perform entirely for artistic reasons, Alex can't help but feel aroused around the handsome black Lamont. Will Tyler's demanding nature make him difficult to work with? More to the point, in the heat of the moment, will his girlfriend and best friend stick to the script, or give in to forbidden passion right in front of him?
Available from Amazon, Google Play, and Smashwords.

Alex nodded a little in stunned silence as her mind began to process the words. She glanced over and froze when she finally caught up to what was happening.

Before she could react, Lamont was snugly sitting beside her on the couch. She could feel his warmth radiating from where their legs touched.

He leaned in intimately close and spoke, but all she could smell was his arousing masculine scent. “So, um, I’m actually really nervous about this,” he hesitated, “and if things uh, don’t work, I need you to know that it’s totally not you, okay?”

Alex stifled a giggle and was pleased that the normally confident man was sharing his uncertainties with her. Something about his toned, dark body and his newfound vulnerability made him even more enticing. She grinned warmly and gave his thigh a reassuring squeeze.

When she saw his kind eyes look down at her hand her fears melted away and were replaced with something else entirely.

As this near-final scene in Tyler’s film featured no dialogue, but only a slowly rising musical score, Tyler was able to direct them in their actions. “I love the hand – go with it Alex. Lamont, show us what this means to you.”

Alex softly exhaled, gathered her courage and leaned towards Lamont ever so slightly.

He flashed a predatory grin as he leaned a little closer and stole a glance of her plump red lips.

Her eyes were wide and her chest heaved visibly as she tried to navigate the whirlwind of emotions and desires. She leaned forward and allowed her hand to trace along his thigh as she blinked coquettishly. Alex wasn’t sure if was her gorgeous co-star or the alcohol, but she closed her eyes and took the plunge.

Their lips met in a brief exploratory kiss that only afforded them the barest taste of each other.
Alex reveled in the sensations, drinking them in deeply. She tasted the saltiness and warmth of Lamont’s lips and softly inhaled the beautiful musk of his aftershave and sweat. His stubble bristled teasingly along the soft skin of her cheek, causing her heart to skip a beat.

Her hands circled his thighs as he stole another hesitant kiss.

“Escalate a little, guys? What does her shirt feel like, Lamont?” Tyler asked, hopeful to get enough of the scene filmed while it was still “authentic.”

Lamont began to trace his hand along her shoulder and up along her neck, causing her to moan with barely-contained excitement before placing another wet kiss upon his lips. But this time, she lingered as she thought about what she was doing, and more importantly, who she was doing it with.

And then, with visibly shaking hands, Lamont cradled Alex’s beautiful face with his dark hands and pulled her in for another kiss. Warmer and more passionate, it was obvious to Tyler that they had acquired a taste for one another since their first kiss.

Lamont’s hands carefully teased along her neck causing her bottom lip to quiver with forbidden delight.

“You’ve just gotten back with her! Explore her, appreciate her man!” Tyler chuckled at Lamont’s timid manner.

As much as Alex had wished that her boyfriend hadn’t encouraged Lamont, she found herself very much in agreement with what Tyler was requesting. She felt Lamont’s hand trace softly along her collar bone and down along her back. Having new and strange hands appreciating her skin forced her to exhale sharply as she groaned in approval.

Tyler grinned silently when he saw that she was squirming in her seat; he knew his girlfriend well enough to know that she was becoming uncomfortably aroused with her new black lover...

Monday, 25 November 2013

Slutty Girls Cheating Wives

This slutty little collection is all about the girls who don't take no for an answer! Inside you'll find The Curse, a story about a man who wakes up as an insatiable blonde girl just as "her" horny friends arrive for lunch. You'll also find the Dirty Diary of Leanne, a reluctant hotwife who is stunned one night when her husband asks her to cuckold him. And finally, you'll get A Little Trouble With The Law, the tale of a neglected woman who soon realizes that if her husband won't help her get pregnant, some of the handsome officers at the police station where he works might be able to help. 

The stories herein include mmf, breeding, creampies, cuckolds, femdom, interracial sex, hotwives, pregnancy risk sex, transformation, and women who know what they want from life.
Available from Amazon, Google Play, and Smashwords